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09-27-2010, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
Actually I'm not partial to either company... I was a Cablevision subscriber for the last 3 years but my roommate who owns the house that I rent a room in, switched us to Verizon in July (against my wishes due to the MSG HD business )... I think Verizon has better standard definition picture quality.... I never had any gripes about the HD picture quality with CV, thought it was good... However, I would get channel blackouts with Cablevision and that was frustrating (not talking specific broadcast blackouts, but channels not working intermittently with just a black screen and no picture)... I think both companies have crappy Customer Service & Support (dealt with Verizon with other services before). Neither are very affordable after their temporary promotional price cuts...

The comment I made above was not because I'm partial to Verizon but because I get the impression that CV does pretty well in this area and that can equate to big profits when you have less operating expenses than a national provider... Seems like they have a good hold on the marketplace... I don't have any #'s to back that up but that was just the impression I got... Verizon is the new player (relatively) in the game and I think there's a big segment of households that don't switch simply because they stick with what they've had and have had over the years.... Their complacency benefits CV greatly....
I think your absolutely right about complacency keeping customers with cablevision, because I would say I'm probably one of them, lol. Its not the only reason I havent switched of course, but as i mentioned a few posts back, I had verizon in the place I was renting before I bought my house. I can honestly say I never onced noticed a difference between the two. Picture quality looked the same to me, Internet felt the same to me, i dont get the war over service.
Call me stupid, call me old school (im only 35!!!), call me whatever, but my family always had cablevision, everyone was always happy, I have cablevision now and I'm happy (when I was renting and had verizon I was happy too). But cablevision to me will always be the local company and if some big national company want to come in they better blow me away, and honestly, nothing about my experience with verizon on any level has ever blown me away. Does cablevision rock my world? nah, they got some cool features though like the free wifi, access, free software for the computer and stuff, but to me its more about being a long island based company that I like to see succeeding.

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