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09-27-2010, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by DubiDubiDoo View Post
Okay, you seem to be arguing strictly on emotion so this isn't going to go well, but you really don't seem to understand the difference between cable television and public domain over the air broadcasts. Fox has to provide itself to service providers for numerous reasons, but most of all because when the government establlished the airwaves it gave these companies the right to use them and certain rules to follow.

What everyone doesn't seem to understand is that the infrastructure that brought wired cable tv access to you was all built by the cable companies. The areas were divided up because no one entity could afford to wire all these areas, it was an enourmous undertaking. Do any of you even remember what tv looked like when you had rabbit ears on your tv and antenae on your house???? How about dial up internet in the early 90's lol.....Cable changed all that, even for the "FREE over the air channels, those are the channels that you got with rabbit ears that looked like crap folks".
Its so easy to ignore all the work and infrastructure building of the cable companies the past 30 yrs, its just not right though.
Thas all fine, whatever.

But I still havent heard one good reason as to why I cant have MSGHD when I am not in a Cablevision market.

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