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09-27-2010, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by trublu16 View Post
This argers me.

This is clearly cap circumvention, and everyone in the world knows it. And what will be done to Chicago? Not a dam thing, cuz there is probably some stupid rule in the CBA that allows them to do this. But the Devils sign Kovy to an absurd contract and gets the hammer come down on them.

Huet was signed to a contract, and now Chicago just ships him off to Europe. And does not have worry about his cap or any penalties by doing this. Something needs to be done. I really don't care if it is just a fine and lost of DP's. But something must be done for Chicago circumventing the cap.

But again nothing will be done about it.
It's not cap circumvention. These moves are allowed within the boundaries of the salary cap. I would rather teams be able to dump mistakes and sign new players rather than restrict the number of teams with cap space, which reduces salaries all around and leads to more (and better) players playing in Europe. Better to lose Huet than someone else.

And personally I don't give a rats ass because I think teams should be able to keep their talent even if they make some mistakes. Making a mistake should not be license for another team to raid you. Then everyone will just be really conservative, and the league would be boring.

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