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09-27-2010, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by DubiDubiDoo View Post
I'm going to answer you and Jonathan together in this one to save time.

1st, I do not work for Cablevision just to clear that up, I never have. I work for a University with no ties to Cablevision.

There is really no point in discussing it any further, I see now that people are arguing based on their opinions of the companies and they have nothing to do with the Law, Fair Competition or Regulation Rules.
I could give a crap less about cablevision as a company, you guys dont like cablevision so you are you points with verizon is better, and the like.
The truth is Cablevision has barely even batted an eye at verizon. Verizon has barely made a dent in their viewership. Their users claim better speed, better picture, better everything, but the fact is Cablevision must be doing something right or everyone would have switched by now (and dont give me MSGHD is keeping everyone from switching, its hockey and basketball guys).
If you don't see this as a local company (which it is) going up against a national one (which they are) I just can't even imagine where I'd need to start.

I respect you both too much to have it turn into a fight about two companies that i have no love for, i just think one is the lesser of two evils...
Cablevision keeps their customers with what are, essentially, bribes. They cut the price and offer freebies. A lot of people are too stupid or don't care enough about the picture and internet difference to warrant a switch when they can knock off $20 off the bill and get a free iPod. It's genius marketing and it's keeping their subscribers.

And Verizon doesn't just "claim" better internet speed. It's a fact. You don't believe it? Go and make a comparison yourself.

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