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04-29-2005, 12:10 AM
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Never heard anything regarding Roy. But there are a few that stand out to me.

During Gretzky's tenure here, there were rumors of bringing Hull in to play on his right side (after the fall out Hull was having with Keenan). The opposite happened in the end when Gretzky ended up in St. Louis with The Golden Brett.
Another one during the off-season had rumblings of the Kings signing Phil Housley (someone Gretzky wanted on the point since the Kings had lost Coffey and Blake was spending more time on the trainers table than he was on the ice).

After the Gretzky/McNall era was over and Anschutz took over the team, big names were brought up as potential options for the Kings to go after, one of those was Jaromir Jagr. I recall this one started at the Draft Party for season ticket holders that was being held at the Sheraton I believe. The supposed rumor involved the third overall pick (Olli Jokinen), Aki Berg, Jamie Storr and a lot of money (believed to be $15M or so). I'm not sure how true this one is, and who ended up backing off or if the league nixed the deal because of the amount of money involved (similar to the Palffy to the Rangers trade that the league rejected. They didn't want players being dealt with cash being the main form of transaction).

Another one I remember hearing/reading about involved Pavel Bure when Mike Keenan was the GM of the Canucks. Keenan supposedly had said that he had a trade worked out with the Kings before he was fired. The Canucks were to obtain Glen Murray, Aki Berg, Jamie Storr and a first rounder.

The Kings were close to acquiring Theo Fleury during the 98-99 season in a deal that would have sent Pavel Rosa and Yanic Perreault to Calgary. But the Kings wanted to get Fleury locked up and sign a contract extension (which I believe was to be 5 years $20-25M). As we all know, Fleury wanted to test the FA market, and after having a cup of coffee with the Avalanche, he ended up signing for $7M per year with the Rangers.

Before the Kings acquired Ziggy Palffy, the Kings had talks with the Islanders for months during Ziggy's hold-out with the Isles. After the Isles got Palffy signed during the 98-99 season, they decided to move him that summer and had a deal set with the Rangers that ended up being vetoed by the league.
The Kings then had an offer in place that the Isles would have accepted, but supposedly, the league wanted a decent center piece to be involved going to Long Island. The original deal had Pavel Rosa (or Scott Barney) involved. The Kings were reluctant in trading Olli Jokinen, but the league forced, and the Kings had to get a deal done for Palffy or someone else was prepared to snatch him.

Now I don't know how true any of these "rumors" are, but I am posting what I remember reading from various reports. It is fun to look back at the possibilities but I'm looking forward to seeing what the 2005-2006 Kings will look like.

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