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10-04-2003, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by oilers_guy_eddie
Doesn't it seem like every year there's some agent who makes a name for himself? A few years ago Mark Gandler was the guy everybody was talking about after the Yashin and Kasparaitis situations. Last year Don Meehan was the guy, not so much because he did anything outrageous, but because he just happened to have the league's hottest clients of the moment. I'm sure other people can give examples where one agent has hogged the spotlight at a particular moment by having his highest-profile clients on the sidelines at one particular time.

Walsh has gone from an agent most people had never heard of to instant infamy. These deals will get done before too long, I'm sure, and Walsh is going to have made a name for himself as a tough-guy... the kind of guy that young players would want looking after their stuff.
That depends largely on the outcomes of holdouts, might go exactly the opposite of what you suggested. At least I am hoping.

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