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09-27-2010, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by McNuts View Post

There's no point in rushing White. Let him play one more year in Hamilton, next year he'll be even better.
Last year, I wanted White here instead of Pyatt and especially ahead of Darche.
Even though he needed to work on some things (like the others), he brought something we very much needed, a bit of toughness and hard grinding.

I never understood the re-signing of Darche, but seeing that he is with us, I see no point in him starting the season here. He should be in AHL, we don't need him. IMO, Pyatt should be the one sitting out, or Halpern.
With the way Lappy came into his own in the POs last year, I think he really understood his role. He won't be going anywhere unless he really stinks it up.
Although Moen doesn't do much, he adds a big body presence and never really hurts the team. He's a decent checking player.
I would give a spot to White without hesitation. He brings an element we very much need. But right now, it's training camp and he's fighting for a spot. It's normal that he plays with a huge fire in his eyes. But it might be different when he makes the team and plays more regularly.
But I think he, Pyatt, Halpern and Boyd should all alternate for us until three of them really stand out.

I wouldn't be surprised if the organization decides to go with the players they had already identified as their 13regular players though.

But personally, I would take White on my 4th line to start the year.

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