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09-27-2010, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by mugs View Post
The difference between a mom and pop store selling an exclusive item and Cablevision keeping MSG HD from their competition is that there is no equivalent replacement for MSG HD, whereas there are equivalent replacements that would serve the same purpose as whatever exclusive product a mom and pop store might have.

The replacement products, though not exactly the same as what you could get at the mom and pop shop, would allow the price of the mom and pop shop's product to be determined by the market. If they try to charge too much, people will just by a replacement product.

The same can't be said for MSG HD. MSG HD has no competition, so they set their price at an unreasonably high level.
but wouldn't the replacement product in this scenario be MSG in standard def? Yes, its not the exact product you wanted, but it is the product none the less. Your not going to miss any games, just games in HD. I'm not in love with what cablevision is doing, but I understand why their doing it.

Let me be clear, I know this isn't the ideal situation, but the FCC set the rules up to allow this for a reason. This was an intentional tool for local cable providers. Now everyones screaming like they are criminals because the FCC changed the rule a few months ago. How do you justify changing the rule now though? What if cablevision never would have bought MSG if it wouldn't have the exclusive broadcast rights? It's such a can of worms.

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