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09-28-2010, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by FiveAndAGame View Post
I have some anger issues, but I've never once taken it out on other people. I'm a fairly small guy, but I'm not afraid to take on guys in the corners and in front to get the puck. I actually had a playoff game a few months ago that had a pretty interesting scenario... I parked myself in front of the goalie, and the defenseman(who was about 6'3, and I'm under 6' on a good day)turns around and cross checks me in the chest, causing me to roll backwards into the goalie. The goalie yells at me to get out of his crease, cross checks me in the back. And then the defenseman turned around and cross checked me BACK into the crease... Happened for about 3 minutes straight, with the defender and goalie crying their hearts out to the ref(who is a very good friend of mine). He told me I need to try to stay out of the crease more, and he was gonna tell the defenseman to not push me into the crease anymore. It was pretty funny.

And as for my methods, its not so much taunting. Its just a lot of little yapping and sarcastic comments. I always have something to say, and having played against the people in this league for as long as I have, I generally know how to push everyones buttons. And up until now, I've only ever had one real retaliation for my antagonizing tactics. I've had a few guys get in my face over, but I had one guy try to pull a Todd Bertuzzi on me. He cross checked me right in the face in the corner, and as we were skating the other way, I skated past him and game him a little whack on the stick. After I had gotten past him, he gave me a nice haymaker to the side of the head... I had a blast while we were in the penalty box. For the rest of the game, everyone knew when "Big Bert" was on the ice

I'm not sure why I find it so fun to bother people, but I don't plan on stopping any time soon.
Sounds like I'd like to play both with and against you. I have the most fun playing against people that play a similar style to mine. Sometimes it's even disappointing to have no one battle me in front of the net, though it makes my job pretty easy

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