Thread: Proposal: Trade Dubinsky....... Now.
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09-28-2010, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Then the issue is with your definition of mediocre. You're pegging him as the "go to guy" which is a reflection on our lack of depth, not of Dubinsky's value to the organization. A "hopeful(ly)" 20 goal scorer is more than a little absurd considering he'll be entering his 4th season in the NHL. It's not as if he came flying out of the gate his rookie year and has yet to match the production he gave us. He's improved in all facets of the game with each season thus far.

That's all well and good, but 'gut feeling' and 'future' are not a viable counter-point to 'fact' -- which I presented in my previous post. (And you, for whatever reason, cut it out of your response)

I can understand people having reservations about the development of our players, but Dubinsky has shown no indication that he has peaked. Last season was an improvement over the previous year, and just because he's off to a slow start in the preseason, many feel the need to hit the 'Sell! Sell! Sell!' button. If we can upgrade our roster at the expense of Dubinsky, and the minimal addition of assets, that's a good play. However, getting rid of him because people are afraid he may sputter out, is just downright silly.
You're a Dubinsky fan... I get it...

There's nothing absurd at all about calling him a hopefully 20 goal scorer. That's what you hope you'll get with him. There's also nothing wrong with calling him mediocre. At this point he's a mediocre 2nd liner when compared to other 2nd liners. And how can you call him such a value to our organization when in the same breath you say he's the 2nd line goto guy because of lack of depth? So you're saying he isn't talented enough to be a 2nd liner goto guy but is there cause there's no one better. Wow. What a value he must bring under that definition.

And all this stuff about him improving all facets of his game is a bit ridiculous. He improved what, for 10 games?

You have as little fact to your argument as I do. You have a right to your opinion but deriding mine as if it's based in lunacy is just nothing more than bias on your part. The only fact is that Dubinsky is largely an 'unknown' at this point. Will he develop further? Sink into oblivion? Just remain mediocre but still contribute? Who the heck knows. My point is I'm not sure I have such faith in the former any more, at least to the degree of putting at risk the return we could get for him now (packaged with others) as opposed to when the cat's out of the bag; if it should go that way.

He has mood swings and he lets them affect his game. He brings little to those that play around him, he misses the net a ton, and on any given game night you have no idea what to expect from him. He may very well prove to be hugely valuable in the coming years. But like I said, it's nothing more than a gut feeling. And my gut's telling me what we see is what we get, and that if we use him in a trade deal now we'll make out better than if later. So the question was thrown out there. But relax. You're a dubi fan. I get it. You don't like negativity thrown at him. Ok, you're entitled. But so am I.

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