Thread: Proposal: Trade Dubinsky....... Now.
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09-28-2010, 01:45 AM
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Originally Posted by NYSportsfan6230 View Post
We are trading for someone (let's assume Richards), who not only reaches and eclipses the point total of Dubinsky, but incredibly makes his linemates better with his playmaking skills (simply astonishing!!!! A hockey player who can not only put the puck in the net, but has the dimension of making other people better.
We'll be over the cap with a Dubinsky/Richards trade, so this scenario isn't even worth exploring.

Originally Posted by NYSportsfan6230 View Post
While it's true the person coming back will cost more money, but wait till you see what Dubinsky will command when he becomes a free agent, you'll be asking to trade him to.
Head your head out of your ass. Richards has a 7.8M cap hit. Dubinsky's is 1.850M. Where the hell are we getting the extra cap room necessary to make this happen?

Originally Posted by NYSportsfan6230 View Post
You'd be foolish if you refused to trade somone with maybe 2-3 dimensions in his game for somone who has like 4 or 5. If we could get back Richards, or someone of that ilk that could turn us into a powerhouse, Dubinsky developing will NEVER make us a contender alone simply by developing.
The only fool here is the person exploring a trade that doesn't work from a cap perspective.

Originally Posted by IAMREALITY View Post
You're a Dubinsky fan... I get it...
He's a Rangers fan first who would probably move anybody if it guaranteed success.

Originally Posted by IAMREALITY View Post
There's nothing absurd at all about calling him a hopefully 20 goal scorer. That's what you hope you'll get with him. There's also nothing wrong with calling him mediocre. At this point he's a mediocre 2nd liner when compared to other 2nd liners. And how can you call him such a value to our organization when in the same breath you say he's the 2nd line goto guy because of lack of depth? So you're saying he isn't talented enough to be a 2nd liner goto guy but is there cause there's no one better. Wow. What a value he must bring under that definition.
He was actually our 1st line LW, because of our lack of depth. The Frolov signing is what pushed him back to that second line.


1. of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.
2. rather poor or inferior.

If you think Dubinsky is mediocre, then it's safe to say you can't evaluate hockey for ****.

Sean Avery, is a rather mediocre hockey player. As is Brandon Prust. And Brandon Boyle. The league is cluttered with bottom-6 players that ultimately don't have a 20G ceiling.

Dubinsky doesn't have to produce that much offensively to be valuable here. Look around the league, and tell me how many legitimate power-forwards under 25 years old are capable of netting 20G, and play a solid two-way game. Go for it.

Originally Posted by IAMREALITY View Post
And all this stuff about him improving all facets of his game is a bit ridiculous. He improved what, for 10 games?
07-08 82GP-40P SH%8.9
08-09 82GP-41P SH%6.9
09-10 69GP-44P SH%12.1

Naaaahhhhh, he didn't improve jack ****. He actually regressed.

Originally Posted by IAMREALITY View Post
You have as little fact to your argument as I do. You have a right to your opinion but deriding mine as if it's based in lunacy is just nothing more than bias on your part. The only fact is that Dubinsky is largely an 'unknown' at this point. Will he develop further? Sink into oblivion? Just remain mediocre but still contribute? Who the heck knows. My point is I'm not sure I have such faith in the former any more, at least to the degree of putting at risk the return we could get for him now (packaged with others) as opposed to when the cat's out of the bag; if it should go that way.
He's an unknown to people like yourself. Most of the rest of us have a good feel for his game. And most of us feel is going to continue improving.

Originally Posted by IAMREALITY View Post
He has mood swings and he lets them affect his game. He brings little to those that play around him, he misses the net a ton, and on any given game night you have no idea what to expect from him. He may very well prove to be hugely valuable in the coming years. But like I said, it's nothing more than a gut feeling. And my gut's telling me what we see is what we get, and that if we use him in a trade deal now we'll make out better than if later. So the question was thrown out there. But relax. You're a dubi fan. I get it. You don't like negativity thrown at him. Ok, you're entitled. But so am I.
He has mood swings? How the hell do you know this?

Your entire post just reeks like you genuinly dislike the kid, and that's really odd considering you're a Rangers fan who's been watching his team overspend on mediocre talent that plays softer than wet toilet paper.

Dubinsky's only issue, is consistency. About 90% of the league is guilty of that.

Good luck finding a trading partner for a bona fide center under contract for a Dubinsky+ package anyway. Would you trade Gaborik or Lundqvist for a combination of decent players and prospects? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Probably not . . . . .

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