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Originally Posted by SgtJoseph View Post
Amen Brother ! I agree with you 100%, hate to see this cats spirit clipped over nonsense like " needs to adjust " etc. The NHL players better ADJUST to this cat in my opinion, he has MAD skills and EVERYONE in the Flyers management knows it.What a crazy situation we have going on right now.The damn salary cap nonsense may prove to be the achilles heel for BOB not getting the nod to be with the big team.Either way i hope he continues playing well in either league, and makes the most of his chance when he gets it.Go Flyers !
I understand what you are saying. But like Lee Corso says. NOT SO FAST, MY FRIEND!.

He has skills yes. The young netminder is still pretty raw and could get exposed. I noticed he gets happy feet when there is traffic in front of the net when the puck is at the point. I think there is still some evaluating going on. Let him get some more pre-season games under his belt so we can accurately judge his prospects of making the team this season. Management and the coaches are doing the same thing. If he continues to turn heads i think they are forced to keep him with the big club.

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