Thread: Proposal: Trade Dubinsky....... Now.
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09-28-2010, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by robruckus View Post
See one of my biggest problems is that people always seem to single out Dubinsky for some reason.

I agree completely with your point about the rest of our roster. Some people will argue that they criticize those players as well so it's fine for them to do it to Dubi as well, but when you put Dubi next to any of them he's easily one of the more important members of our team.

Dubinsky IS a bargain for this year, and even if he gets his $3 million next time will be worth that as well.

If you want to trade a guy who's not going to be worth the money he gets (and I'm saying this a tad bit sarcastically, because I'm really only using the same philosophy most of these posters are using towards Dubinsky) then Ryan Callahan is the guy who should be moved.

I love Cally, but if you want a guy who you could potentially get more back for than he's really worth, he's the guy.

Luckily, this organization doesn't want to move either. And we'll be better because of that.


To NYSportsfan...

I'm not having any trouble understanding your philosophy of "If you can upgrade the team and make it better, you do it,"....What I am having trouble with is your complete lack of reality.

You keep bringing up Richards when it makes ZERO sense and the trade would never happen without us throwing in some of our more imporant picks/prospects.

Not to mention he's 30, a UFA after next year, and will cost us close to an $8 million cap hit.

It makes ZERO sense, and you and everyone else saying we should move Dubi have not been able to come up with 1 single trade that would ever even have the POSSIBILITY of happening.

Why would you trade a cheap, core member of your hockey club, for a player you can just sign after next season? This team is NOT ready to win a Cup right now.

You even said that Richards is your only example because you're not able to think of anything else. That should tell you everything you need to know.

You soured on Dubi for the contract because he missed two days of Torts' wind sprints? Again, that's a YOU problem. You can sit there all you want and say he hurt his teammates, but if you really believe that's true then you're just completely ignorant. It's not like Dubinsky missed all that stuff and didn't make it up. I'm sure his teammates really feel he's as selfish as you believe he is, considering he's one of the only guys on the team who ALWAYS stands up for his teammates.

Yeah, who was the guy trying to jump over the penalty box and kill Carcillo last season?

Who was the guy who jumped right on top of Crosby after he whacked Hank with his stick?

Yeah, he's so selfish. Staal is so much more well liked by his teammates cause he showed up TWO days earlier to training camp. I'm sure that's how Hank feels every time he gets run and Staal sits there with his monotone expression and does nothing.

You'd rather Zherdev over Dubi? LOL. That's the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Zherdev made players on his line better? Really? Was he doing that while being invisible all at the same time?

Why don't you tell the Flyers you want to trade them Dubinsky for Zherdev? They'd want that deal done so fast their fax machine would break trying to get it finalized by the league office so quick.

Zherdev!? Over Dubinsky?!? Hilarious. Absolutely hysterical.
Zherdev was a creampuff. Bordering on gutless. He completely disappeared in that playoff series against Washington. Not denying his talent. He was the most talented forward we had but he was absolutely useless when we needed him most. He could fit in just fine with the Flyers--he won't have to be the best player there. He can settle for 5th best-6th best. Wonderful for him but seriously I'm glad we cut him loose.

Dubinsky does stick up for his teammates. He's not a great fighter but he will fight for others. He plays a hard physical game. He plays with enthusiasm. He can carry the puck up the ice--cycles the puck better than any other forward we have. Kills penalties. That is intangible stuff that's not going to go away. If he continues to improve to 50-55-60 points it only enhances his play. Right now he's a legit 2nd liner--not a 3rd liner. He's going to make more money but it's probably between $3 and $4 mil--more in Girardi's territory. That's a decent deal for a young guy with some size, grit, scoring and a well rounded game.

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