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Originally Posted by canadiens1992 View Post
Sorry to break all the pro-videotrons down.... but it is not the same videotron anymore...
Remember 5 years ago how much they valued their customers... now... their customer support is either stupid, ******** or just do not care if you have a problem.

Videotron has become the Bell of 5 years ago, Bell still being the same ****.

/SO WERE STUCK!!!! I hope this one american company comes in and really offers services and doesnt overcharge us for every kb we pass in out internet 30GB limit as it is with videotron. (If u didnt realize yet, Im a frusstrated Videotron client, but I am very reluctant to go back to Bell even though their prices are much better)

Also, when I told that to Videotron, they just told me to leave then


My 2 cents is that were being ****ed by either company.... its time for a new company to step up like videotron did 5-6 years ago.
This is actually half true. As you can see from my other posts I admitted Videotron isn't the Videotron of 5-6 years ago where they had sound customer service. Difference is though if you do have a severe problem like say your internet simply isn't working, after 15 minutes on the phone they agree to send a technician to fix the issue within 48 hours. If it's a business line much sooner.

With Bell you spend 2 hours on the phone even though you're an IT specialist and know for a fact the problem is on their end. (I think I know how to unplug a modem/router and plug them back in, do ipconfig /release and /renew in 6 different variations all that have the same result, etc)

So after you spend 2 hours and they don't fix their issue, they make up some random ******** excuse "Oh sir I just realized it's an issue in your zone! It should be resolved soon bye!" Problem is this is never the case and sure enough within a day or two you'll call back and this time they force you to spend 2 hours debugging the same issue again only to tell you the same exact thing. Obviously this time you get pissed off and you tell them you've already been down this road, you're an IT specialist and that it's on their end. They never get it through their thick skull. Then you ask them to just send a technician, that it's on their end and that you can't wait 3 weeks for them to then determine finally that it's been their fault all along (which is what happens if you allow them to play their game, you won't have net for 3-4 weeks because they'll just ******** you and give you the run around constantly)

So finally when you ask for a technician to be sent to your home you no what they say? We're not allowed to do that. EXCUSE ME? You aren't allowed to send a technician to fix the service I'm paying you to provide me with when I've called several times already to resolve it by phone and it hasn't been, have been told it's in my area several times when my neighbors all have and use bell without issues, all when it's on your ****ing end and I'm flat out telling you it is. So finally you tell the guy "look either send me a technician to fix the service you are failing to provide me with or cancel my services entirely". All of the sudden the supervisor you've asked to speak with several times in past conversations is now readily available to take your call. He too says they aren't allowed to send technicians. You ask him to send a technician or you want to speak to somebody who can. He tells you his boss is busy in a meeting or some other ********. You tell him you'll hold until his boss isn't busy.

You hold for 1-2 hours at that point while they play their game, load up some Starcraft 2 and put it on speaker phone. Anyways FINALLY the person who has the authority to actually send you a technician is on the phone. Sure enough you've even been transferred to somebody in their Quebec offices all of the sudden i.e. no longer being outsourced to India, and all of the sudden you get the technician you've been asking for all along, they come to your house, see that you were right all along and that it is on their end, the guy you speak to from the Quebec offices even admits that the outsourcers are failures who can't assist someone with the simplest issue and the technician who comes to your house agrees completely when he sees that you aren't some ****ing idiot and you knew all along it was on their end which he then confirms.

This is what dealing with Bell is like when compared with videotron, all because of one simple issue, the internet is down, has been for days and isn't coming back up. The DSL light on the modem is OFF so I think I can then tell you that it's NOT THE NETWORK, it's NOT MY PC, it doesn't take a ****ing genius to figure that out.

Oh and by the way, one thing they'll always try and get you do is plug into the modem directly, even if you tell them the DSL light is off. For one the light is OFF you **** tard, that means the modem or the line is the issue. For two most people especially businesses have a setup that is too much of a pain in the ass to plug into directly. Not everyone has a laptop and most people use wireless these days, what do you want me to do setup my desktop in the room my router is setup in? For a lot of people again especially businesses this isn't always where the machine is setup. They wanted me one time to go in and start unplugging a cisco router and all this other **** in a professional phone/network setup at a company because they didn't want to send a technician to fix the downed internet when the DSL light wouldn't even light up. I mean for ****s sake all because you refuse to send a technician you're going to make me **** up a companies professionally installed phone/network hardware?

I'm not going into a setup I haven't done and then beginning to start unplugging a cisco router so I can plug a lappy directly into their modem that I already ****ing know isn't working because of the line or the modem being defective. The DSL light isn't on, there is no three ways about it. I just don't understand what is so hard for their support people to understand about that. Do they really have to follow their 10 ****ing ******** steps to a tee so accurately that if the client tells them the DSL light isn't on they can't skip a few steps at LEAST?!?!

It's dam near ****ing ridiculous and if you're trying to say Videotron is anywhere near as bad as that even though they aren't the company they were 5-6 years ago you're sadly mistaken. I know because I'm an IT person who deals with both companies routinely on the residential and business levels. On the business level videotron is still the same company they were 5-6 years ago. On the residential level I'll agree they're slacking but no where near the story I just told you above, not even close. Try 15 minutes of testing and a technician being sent within 48 hours.

That's hardly the debacle described above.

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