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Originally Posted by AK46Awesome View Post

and to the geniuses that say I throttle , no my connection is always usually in between 200-500mb/s with NO BANDWIDTH THROTTLING , I watch 720p content all day (wireless) with not 1 issue with lag , that's what happens when you make friends with the Videotron installation guy and ask him to play with his line equilibrating device :-) , absolute zero = no interference , no issues.

P.N : I am currently subscribed to TGV 50 (which is a fiber/cable hybrid).
It's funny that you call us geniuses for saying that when in reality it's far more common for that to be the case then to actually have 500mbit. Plus you said you had videotron never made mention of some fiber/cable hybrid. As a student you must even realize yourself that the normal lines can only really handle 60mbit without becoming unstable.

Plus the odds of somebody getting the videotron guy to uncap their bandwidth versus some idiot just throttling high is like 1 in a million by comparison. So yeah it's funny you call us geniuses when even you yourself must realize it's by far the most obvious conclusion possible. Also can a HDD that isn't scsi even write at 500mbit? I mean it just doesn't add up is all I'm saying. It's far more likely that it's just a high throttle. I've got the 50mbit at work and sometimes if you hit a spike it'll say it's like 200mbit, that's because the sample file it's using to make you download is far too small for the bandwidth being checked. If it did a 1gb file I highly doubt it would go 500 or even close to, you could always prove otherwise if it really can but I just don't see it being likely even with an uncap.

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