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09-28-2010, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by HVPOLARBEARS19 View Post
What I meant by that comparison has nothing to do with salary, or even style of play. What it has to do with is another veteran that brings very little to this team. He's not a leader like Shanahan. He's not a scorer like Jagr. We already have a veteran hard-worker/depth guy like Prospal. Sure, he's won 2 cups, but we're probably not going to be competing for one this year. Considering the direction of the team, I'd rather have a spot be given to one of the guys in our system, especially if all he is at this point is a 3rd line forward, something our team has an over-abundance of. You also say he's not going to be expected to provide secondary scoring, but Kotalik wasn't either based on the fact that he was brought in and played on the 4th line for half the time he was here...Fedotenko has actually looked a lot better offensively than Kotalik ever did (who was really a shootout specialist and served some time on the 2nd PP unit), but Fedotenko has looked poor defensively to me, which is disconcerting.

All in all, I just don't think he fits the mold of the team we have going forward. Like I said though, if it's a temporary place holder until Zuc is ready, then I'm not too opposed to it.

I think we are on the same page here because I also do not want him to take a spot from a kid. But if Zuc and others such as grachev are not ready to compete on the NHL level, than he, like prospal is just another placeholder until they are ready.

With Redden gone our cap space is covered this season so if Zuc or someone else begins to light it up in the AHL it will be perfectly fine to either put him on the bench as a reserve or attempt to trade him (if he performs decently) for a pick at the deadline.

IMO i just see no harm in signing him because hes not expected to do anything.....kotalik was brought here to be a pp specialist and put points on the board which he failed at doing.....he was absolutely expected to increase our scoring which he completely failed at. and having a 3 mil salary that put him in just about bad graces with everyone in the organization

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