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09-28-2010, 01:22 PM
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Neo, you got me motivated so I called Videotron to inquire about pricing ...

They offered to waive my installation fee of 30 for high speed 15 .. they don't offer the wireless router as you suggested I asked.... However they do have a wireless modem ,but that is only available for thjeir internet 120 deal -- but that's $149 / month!

So for the high speed 15 , it's $55 + tax + 100$ for the separate router that you guys recommend.

I called Bell to see what they could do for me ( I know, not what you want me to do lol ) and they moved my performance plus package (60 g, 7mbs and confirmed by to the Fibe 7 (which is the same specs, but supposedly I wont have to worry about down time due to "maintenance" that happens too often for my liking (once every month or two) with the existing plan). They're giving me 60G for $39, with free modem for 3 years) and I can cancel at any time...

So why does Bell continue to get my business?

Because it's $200 cheaper per year, and I don't have to spend $100 for a router....

I think this is why Bell still competes with Videotron, because essentially their service is less expensive and if it is true that I won't be dealing with downtime anymore, it's quality is sufficient enough for me.

Sorry bra! I know you really hate Bell ... lol

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