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09-28-2010, 04:15 PM
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Ok, IMHO (very touchy subject) The reason why Canadians shoot left is because they are taught that the donate hand goes on top....always. That would be the artistic side, and yes, it is better to be a great stick handler then anything else. Why? Because it take the artistic side to thread the needle so to speak, within your pass.

Now, if feel that the reason why more American shoot right because they are not taught that the donate hand goes on top. They go into a pro-shop and the knucklehead in the pro-shop says..."Ah, which way do you bat?" Unbeknowst to him that the artistic side goes at the top. Why? Because he doesn't live in Canada where they teach it correctly! IT'S A HOCKY STICK NOT A BAT...HELLO!

It's just that, it's important to treat the sport as a sport, not something else. If it looks like hockey and it has a stick like must be hockey. So, the first thing one should do, when they are new, is not go to your local sport shop where they sell soccer balls and ask them...if I kick with my right leg, do I shoot right with a hockey stick? Yes, I know that sounds stupid. But hockey and baseball are two different sports. Yes, the comment of comparing soccer to hockey is crazy, but you might as well have asked that when you started play hockey.

So all of you right shooting coaches, make sure that you tell your new hockey players the correct way to holding the stick before you tell do you bat!

Yes, you can said, what a....

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