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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Finally NWO, your starting to see it straight. I finally got a reason on why you think 95% of our prospects will be just AHL players. Your basing everything WAYY to much off of the past. Way to much. Its more of a "Since it didnt happen before there is 0 chance it happens in the future". To you, it seems that, if their not 1st round pick, they will be nothing. You can critizie me and Shafner, but its true, we watch games. We dont base everything off of stats or what our inner feelings tell us (which seems to be your case). And yes there are other people here who watch him play. You know, the Flyers scouts (oh wait their wrong also), people who went to college with him (their also wrong), and anyone else who watched him play ( you their wrong too)

Your getting it all wrong. I'm asking you why you think he will 100% not be a top 4 in the future. Your saying its already set in stone so why bother. I never said I think he can be a top 4 guy. He has the talent to do so, but if he ever reaches it is another story.

Oh and who won that award and became something? Heres a list:

Andy Greene also won... but wait all these guys are nobodies right?
Wrong on so many levels. Your theories have so many holes in them when it comes to you trying to analyze my thought process. I dont think 95% of the prospects suck because of the past. they suck becuase they are not nhl caliber talent. The past has nothing to do with it, though if your a stat guy it sure doesnt help their cause does it? Got news for you chief, i watch plenty. As far as the other people who watch him play, they have their opinion. It doesnt make them wrong. I dont agree with it and that also doesnt make me wrong chief. you asked why he wont be atop 4 andi told you, he isnt good enough. As i said with that list you provided, how many of those guys never did nothing at the nhl level? quite a few.

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