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A 4year old kid will be given a straight stick and will choose by himself. A lot of righthanders (something like 85% of the population) will choose to put their dominant hand on top of the stick. A lot of kids who write and throw a stone with their left hand, will choose to put their left hand on top.
Björn Borg, a swedish top class tennis player in the eighties, held his racket with his right hand. As a swede, he also played hockey and was one of the first players to hit two-handed tennis backhands just like shooting a puck with a hockey stick.

I did some statistics a year ago. Lefties are predominant in international icehockey:

Last year's entry rosters of the U20 World Championships: shooting or catching left/total number of players per team:
CAN 14/22=64%
CZE 18/29=62%
FIN 20/26=77%
RUS 27/30=90%
SVK 23/30=77%
SWE 22/30=73%
SWI 16/30=53%
USA 16/30=53%

Average 68%

Not representative, but lefties are more common.

Olympics 2010:

L/R players and goalies:

BLR 3/23 87%
CAN 8/23 65%
CZE 6/23 74%
FIN 5/23 78%
GER 8/23 65%
LAT 5/23 78%
NOR 5/23 78%
RUS 3/23 87%
SUI 7/23 70%
SVK 3/23 87%
SWE 4/23 82%
USA 11/23 52%

Average: 75% lefties
USA is different from the rest of the world.

NHL 2010: of the 795 (797 total, but two of them have no indication L/R) players in the NHL 2010, 522 shoot left, i.e. 66%.

Some more about the NHL:
L Defensemen: 187/267=70%
L Centers: 159/217=73%
L RW:39/155=25%
L LW: 140/157=89%
L Goalies: 60/68=88%


88% for goalies is quite surprising. Seems to correspond to the ratio righthanded/lefthanded of the population. Maybe they are not influenced by baseball. Only 1 goalie of the 11 US goalies catches right. 68 is a small number and might not be significant.


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