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09-29-2010, 02:06 AM
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Originally Posted by redcard View Post
Yeah, but I don't think so. There was an interview with DL on Hammond's site a while ago (don't have the link, but I assure you its there) where Lombardi said something along the lines that Schenn actually made sure that his contract was organized so that his bonuses were heavily weighted based on what kind of roll he played. He didn't get to into the details, but it seemed like Schenn realized that Dean wouldn't want a 3.something cap hit centering his 4th line so if Schenn played a 4th line roll he wouldn't obtain those bonuses and would in the end have a much more managable cap hit. That, coupled with the fight, shows me that Schenn would be completely content playing 8-10 minutes a game in the NHL as a 4th line center this season over returning to the juniors. He knows he's not going to win the Calder playing on the 4th line, but he's willing to do it.

Saw it... I think the Kings should bring Schenn in the same way that they brought Simmonds in. Find a place for him where is he playing between 2 solid NHL players that he can learn from and build confidence with. And that's not on the 4th line with Westgarth and most likely Clune. I don't want Schenn to identify himself as a defense only grit player. I want Schenn to identify himself as a 20+ plus goal scorer.

I really am TORN about this whole Schenn thing man. I just thought he was going to be the next Mike Richards or Getzlaf. I dont know. I guess the best thing is to just give him time. I dont want him to follow in Oscar`s skates. you know? That would suck.

But I am fine with whatever the Kings decide to do. Except have Harrold on the the roster with both Muzzin and Hickey playing good hockey lol.

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