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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
But he's only scored 20 goals more than once in his career and won't be cracking our top 3 lines (at the expense of more deserved players already on the roster).... He's not getting slotted into my top 9, so I don't see a role he can play on our 4th line... Which current Rangers would you sit in favor of him on the 2nd PP unit? For me this matter is simple... Cut! Next matter please.
I don't see how he doesn't crack the top 9 on this team unless you think Kennedy deserves 3rd line minutes and that Avery's spot in the top 9 is safe.

Originally Posted by jagrcantakeyou View Post
you forgot about Stepan who will most likely make the squad
I didn't "forget" about him.

Originally Posted by nyranger61494 View Post
Personally, I think Avery is wasted on the 4th line. His play merits more than 6-8 minutes of ice, which is what a 4th line on a Tortorella team gets if they are lucky, and if he is going to have influence on a game and disrupt the opposition's star players that amount of ice-time won't cut it.
Avery can take shifts at the right times of the game with other lines. I don't think he's wasted at all on the 4th line. He can also kill penalties and play on the PP. He can still net anywhere from 10-14 mins of ice time even being penciled in on the 4th line.

Originally Posted by DelZottoFutureNorris View Post
Do i like the idea of having Fedotenko around as DEPTH for injuries? Yes.

Do I like his versatility? Yes

Do I like the fact that Zuccarello was far and away our best forechecker last game and showed he gets the puck to the net and now Fedotenko is getting the nod over him simply because he's a "Torts guy" and scored one preseason powerplay goal after a miserable season on a STANLEY CUP caliber team? No. Not one bit.

I hope he does well, because I'll always root for a guy in a Rangers uniform. But I'd much rather have Zuccarello get a season under his belt than hope Fedotenko scores 25-25 and then leaves after a year or two. Unless Fedotenko helps us win the cup this year, it's not a good move. He's not a part of the future and he's absolutely taking a roster spot that could be filled by a young player who had done absolutely nothing yet to prove he CAN'T handle this level.
I don't really understand where you get off making assumptions that MZA isn't a "torts guy", but I don't think this is the case at all.

I also don't know why it's such a foreign concept to people that throwing every prospect right into the fire when they're not ready isn't the best way to develop them, and that there are plenty of things a player can benefit from in the A, especially one that's played very little at a professional level with NHL rules and rink size.

Originally Posted by alkurtz View Post
What worries me is that so many times guys come to camp on a tryout basis, are super motivated, have a great camp, are signed, and then disappear during the regular season.
like who?

Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
He shouldn't beat out Kennedy for a spot. He has no interest in playing defense and Kennedy is a complete player for the kind of game the third/ fourth line should be playing.
I disagree; not sure why you think Feds has no interest in playing defense. He plays a two way game. If we want to lean less on our top 6 for production, I think you almost need to go with Feds over Kennedy on the third line.

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