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Originally Posted by parineum View Post
I can skate okay but I don't have any equipment and no experience with a stick and puck.

I'm really not sure where to start.

Any advice would be helpful, especially from people with specifics about San Diego.
Been in San Diego for 12 years and counting. Locally, the Play It Again on Mira Mesa is probably your best bet for equipment although the selection is still limited. There is a pro shop at the Mira Mesa Ice rink ( but everything is overpriced.

Ordering online is probably the best bet. HockeyGiant's warehouse is actually located in Carlsbad, so it's possible to arrange a pickup if you live nearby. HockeyMonkey and IceWarehouse both ship out of California, so you can receive stuff pretty quickly.

Here's the site for the ice rink at UTC:

Smaller rink, most of the games are during the weeknights which can be bothersome. Ie, getting home at midnight and not being able to get to sleep after playing.

Mira Mesa rink is decent. Good chunk of games are on the weekends. Beginner/intermediate pickup on Tuesdays.

Here's the site for the ice rink in La Mesa:

Pretty nice facility, personally haven't played there in like five years so I'm not sure if the leagues are still the same out there. But my games were always on the weekends which was nice.

Here's the site for Iceoplex in Escondido:

Haven't played there, but heard that it's the nicest facility in the area.

If you're interested in roller hockey, there's a Saturday morning league at 4S Ranch in Rancho Bernardo:

The other roller hockey rink is pretty far south in Chula Vista:

I help run a floor hockey (on foot) league in 4S as well. If you haven't played hockey before, it might be a decent place to practice your stickhandling. We play our league games on Sundays and have pickup on Thursday nights. Our site:

If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. I was 21 before I started playing, so I'd certainly know the boat you're in.

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