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10-04-2003, 12:01 PM
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hi i blind but i still can see what going on here can you guys?walsh got gabby ,fleury,dupuis and the one more that i can think of right at the moment.

minny offering 1 year deal to the rookie dupuis ,hoping they will take the offer .but with the cba next year we all know that salaries will come down espically for the rookies.walsh wants a 2 year deal and it make sense to him because 1.2 million this year might only be worth 700,000 in the new cba this will be the last year for the big rookie contracts (imho).now that a cut of 500,000 witch is not chump change, and we all know how these agents work right,commision!so if walsh get 10 percent which i think is low he 's losing out on 50,000 himself,and that's on one player.anyway just my take on this walsh guy,he knows this is the last year for bigger money and he's trying to squeeze every cent he can .