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09-29-2010, 10:31 AM
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Over-used media expressions

Everyone needs to not use these as they have gone from descriptive to ironic to groanworthy. Feel free to contribute

- ša sent la coupe (unless it actually smells like cups, a whole different problem)
- terrible plays on words with the opposite team names (luckily we only play the flames once or twice a year, but Lightning strikes and such.. come on)
- Jesus Price and bible references

I personally also hate when they are discussing fans as if they were foolish (I don't mind Tremblay's "fefans" as he singles out the fools instead of speaking about fans at large and tends to consider them not significant.). Just because the ones that email you are fools, doesn't mean the ones that are reading you are. Speaking of this, we need a name for fool sportscasters (one that can be said on tv/radio that is)

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