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10-04-2003, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by shveik
Overinflate their values? I do not think Walsh can outdo that guy who used to have "Dupuis>>>>>>>>>>>>Ilya" in his avatar In fact you yourself are saying that Wild is going to suck this year without these guys. So they *are* important. How much exactly they are worth in terms of money is not up to us, since we aren't managing either Minnesota's money or these player's money.

AFAIK he is asking ~3mil/yr for Gaborik and ~2mil/yr for Havlat. I think the majority of the teams in the league would have paid this amount and said thank you. Except the few teams who are not very strong financially (like Wild, Sens and Pens). So IMO Walsh isn't being unreasonable, he has adjusted the money he is asking to the current frugal marketplace (compare this to Iginla asking 7 mil a year ago). Anyway, I do not see anything to crucify Walsh over.
...Except the few teams who are not very strong financially ... That is the best quote ( or best joke) I have read on HF yet.

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