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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
Yeah, basically the Synergy morphed into the ST.

Now think of the high-end Eastons as three different lines:
Synergy, ST, ST, ST, ST
Synergy SL, SE, SE16, EQ50
Stealth(05), CNT Stealth, S17, S19

The Synergy SL came out and it was a lighter weight version of the Synergy. The SL was fantastic, in my opinion, but it had durability issues. Then that became the SE which had a toughened heel, this was the pinnacle of the line in my opinion. The SE16 added more durability while sacrificing weight and performance, it kind of drifted the line back towards the original Synergy in feel.

If you were looking for that original Synergy feel go with a ST. The ST is actually the most popular Easton stick in the NHL, it's normally hidden under Stealth or SE16 graphics.

I find it odd that you like Reebok and Bauer sticks. They feel completely different to me, at least the current lines.
They certainly are different, and I like them for different reasons. Bauer's have the best puck feel of any stick I ever used. The puck feels like it is part of the stick, and the stick feels like an extension of your hands. Their sticks just feel perfect.

The reebok's (Strictly the 7k and the 10k, I find the o sticks to be worthless) arent much for puck feel IMO, but the puck flies off my stick like no stick I ever used. I first noticed this the first time I used a 7k, and then the first time I used a 10k, it felt like I was firing missiles. They dont feel nearly as good as the Bauer's but the release on them is nothing short of incredible.

Not being able to decide which I like better, the feel or the release, I switch between them all the time, but I love both brands. Easton's on the other hand have always seemed to be more about the name and the price tag than the stick. Probably because since they came out with the original, they had the market cornered, and all the name recognition they needed. Other brands had to work harder on their products to compete with Easton.

Anyway, thanks for the info, it was very interesting, being that this stuff fascinates me

Edit: I especially found fascinating that the most popular stick in the NHL is the ST hidden under other graphics. I remember the original synergy wowed me when it first came out, and until I broke my last one, it still did. The original synergy was the last Easton to really wow me. Their 'higher end" sticks since then seemed to be much more about flash and marketing than substance compared to their competitors. The SL's and S17/S19's all paled in comparison to the higher end sticks by Reebok, Bauer, CCM and Warrior (although their graphics and stupid names turn me off from their products) yet when I used my original Synergys they still felt and performed great. So its very telling that the NHL guys still stick with the original.

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