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09-29-2010, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by sbkbghockey View Post
Mid-level skates are probably the best for rec league players/players that play often but not all the time and more for fun but still in a semi-competitive atmosphere. As people have already said proper fitting is key. Skates fit differently from shoes, flip flops, anything else... so get them properly fitted. It sounds like it maybe one or a combo of: not properly sized skates, tying them too loose in the ankles and/or lack of ankle strength.
Are you saying mid level skates are best for rec league players because they'll actually be optimal or because it wouldn't be worth it to go to top of the line skates? I'm kind of looking at replacing skates (I have Graf 735's, I feel like I need a stiffer boot). I've pretty much stuck to just playing pick up, although I'll probably end up playing in a beer league sometime. I probably belong in men's B or so.

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