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Originally Posted by TBLfan View Post
Have you tried the 8.0.8? It's better than the 9KO by a lot. The 8.0.8 actually reminds me a lot of the V10 Catapult(which is made by the same OEM by the way). I really disliked both 7Ks and I thought the 10K was nice. I prefer the U+ and U+CL to anything Reebok is offering at the moment, heck even the pro 10K and 11K are made by the OEM making the U+CL instead of their retail OEM. The feel on the one95 is the best available in a composite, you can thanks Mission for that. The X:60 is where I expected the SL/SE to be at now, stiff blade, not great feel but great performance and pretty good durability.

The ST isn't soo much the favorite because it's better but moreso because it doesn't take an adjustment and it's rather durable. Look at guys like St Louis, he gets custom yellow graphics for familiarity. Phaneuf kept using the same puke green STs for longer than St Louis kept his! It's a rather well known fact that Crosby has used the same jock since he was an early teen, some NHLers are just weird with their gear and refuse to change.

My advice, don't bother with the SE16, try to find a SL or SE. If you can't find one try a Bauer Vapor X:60 stick, it's pretty close in terms of feel and performance.
Yes, my pro stock 10K's feel exactly like a CL. I have a question about those actually. The pro stock 10K (in the true one piece version, I know a lot of guys use a painted two piece, fortunately I got the true one version on mine) is obviously the CL, and the pro stock U+CL is, I would imagine, a CL. They are both made by Reebok. Why do some players using a CL get a CL paint job, and others using a CL get a 10k paint job. Preference, marketing, god knows what?

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