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09-30-2010, 07:36 AM
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Originally Posted by UAGoalieGuy View Post

If it was similar to the Horton deal, that young NHL player probably would not be Dubinsky. Widemann was coming off a sub-par year (30pts vs 50 pts / -14 last year). Dubinsky play has been elevating the last couple of years in production and overall play. I can see them taking some combo of Grachev, Gilroy, a 1st, and/or a mid-range prospect or pick, or it could cost Dubinsky.

It all depends on what the market is for a player like Weiss right now. Is there a lot of demand for him? Do the Panthers really want to move him out?

As for Weiss being redundant with the development of Stepan, I think that if the Rangers are really looking for a #1 center, then they want to give Stepan a year in Hartford to play first line minutes. Then next season I could see them bringing him along slowly at the NHL level, a la Anisimov, possibly centering the 3rd line. Then entering year three, Weiss would be in the last year of his contract.
I think Florida is not the primary option. I said this elsewhere, but, reportedly, (according to Aaron Portzline, the CBJ beat writer, on a call-in show last week), Sather offered Girardi straight up for Brassard. I have spoken with at least four different people who have said the Rangers have liked Brassard for a long time. He and Girardi have roughly the same cap hit. You make that move IF you have faith that Gilroy can play more minutes, and you believe Sauer is ready for minutes at the NHL level. I saw very little of last night's game, but, according to what people have said here, Sauer was very good. I thought he was very good in game one, too. And, Tortorella has praised him throughout camp. Plus, getting Brassard allows the Rangers to play Stepan on the 3rd line, (where he seemed very comfortable last night.) Eventually, Brassard and Stepan become you two top centers, and Anisimov slides into the Jordan Staal role, (a role that I feel suits him perfectly.)

And, one other point...I've been beating this drum since July 2nd, but there still remains NO reason, in my mind, for the Rangers to have rushed out and signed both Prospal and Christensen. As we've witnessed both this summer, and last summer, (when the Rangers signed Prospal later in the summer), you can get those type of players ANYTIME during the year. This year, Frolov falls into their laps, as does Kennedy, and they give Fedetenko a tryout.

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