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09-30-2010, 11:33 AM
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Sounds like you're making great progress! Make sure to keep working the most on whatever you're worst at, if you get quite good at certain aspects of skating but not others (say, great crossovers to your right, but mediocre to your left), you can just sort of accept those skating weaknesses and play to your strengths, when it's much better to be a strong all around skater.

As for the skates, sounds like you had them fitted properly, so the pain probably is just from being a new skater, it should get less and less as you get better and better. In the mean time you can try tying your skates a touch looser (not too loose, but just not crazy tight, keep em tight at the top but near the middle a bit looser is OK) and not skating for quite as long at a time.

You could also go back to the store where you bought them, tell them your problems, and see if they will re-check the fit of your foot in your skates for free.

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