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09-30-2010, 11:45 AM
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Looking at it in the enlarged state, the letters overlap each other and the stars on the first letter make up the complete top and bottom 'holes' in the B... There are also two stars in the overlapped partial third letter/number. Would the stars be there at the right side of the opening of the top and bottom portions of the number 3 ? I'd think that it would more than likely be another B.

That said, the last letter/number does appear to have a hard, squared edge on the upper left as a five would have... And for that matter, the third letter/number also has squared edges contrary to the softer rounded B to the left.

... I take it as BO35 with stars used on the three to be be a match for the ones on the B... and I believe the overlap was done to be a play off BOBS. All in all a clever and well thought out part of the mask, IMO.

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