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09-30-2010, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
Just trying to find out the numbers of games he went too.. Where that strong opinion is coming from and how come he could never fill us in about Maroon/Legein progress during last season. If a fan really went to the AHL games like I used to go lets say in 2004 he would have a very fair opinion on most of team.

Instead he said a few games. Fine 2-3 or even 5 AHL games, doubt it was that many cause tema freaking sucked! I mean seriously.. To say I went to a few Phantoms games is not considered watching the team and have any kind of serious opinion on a goaltender with SV of 906. I hate when people trying to front and bs each other. Makes no sense. None of us are scouts. So why BS each other?

I went to 3 Phillies games and I hate baseball, does it mean I watch them?

What my facts appear faulty? name them and back it up with stats.
I went to two games, and yes, watched whatever I could on youtube as well. Had they not moved to freaking Adirondack, I would have probably seen over a quarter of their games. My roommate's dad had season tickets up until last year so I used to go to Phantoms games all the time, but that's beside the point.

I didn't report on Legein or Maroon because their progress has been well documented and since I'm a goalie/goalie coach I prefer to focus on goalies.

Backlund is okay, but he doesn't have the best ceiling in the world. Bobo has way more talent, IMO. Plus, Backlund has already had some hip issues and injuries, which don't bode well for him. At least in this organization.

I'm not even sure what the point you're trying to make is. From seeing how Backlund plays, I don't think he'll be any better than a backup in the NHL, a position I'm fine with him holding for the start of this year while Bob plays in the A. That's my opinion. Have you lived and breathed Phantoms hockey since the move? Have I somehow differed from your opinion of him, too?

As for my thoughts on Theo, yes, I watched a ton of Washington games last year. I watched them every time they were on national TV, any time I could get a stream, and watched highlights from almost all of their games. When the playoffs roll around I watch as much coverage of literally every game as I can find, and I saw Theo suck.

I don't care about what kind of tragedy he went through, in terms of on-ice play. It sucks for him as a person and it's awful what he went through. And yes, I am somewhat familiar with that kind of tragedy, having lost a close family member at the young age of one. So I know what it's like to see a child laying lifeless in a coffin and seeing everyone you love and care about crying helplessly. So as horrible as it may sound, while I absolutely feel awful for him on a personal level, if that plays into his performance on the ice, then I'm sorry but I don't want him on the ice.

The fact is that Theo has never had the mental game to live up to his actual talent level. So we don't need him.

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