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09-30-2010, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilerdiehard View Post
So you think that Katz would rather pay him 9 million over the next two seasons than half that much on re-entry waivers? I have no problem making him sit. But I am not sure Katz would mind saving 4+ million if there is zero reasonable trade market/value for Souray.
Yes I do actually. I am probably crazy, but after what was said about the organization. I think Katz is going to make a point, if someone wants him and is willing to pay full value then fine. But if Souray/Other teams think the Oiler's are going to do them or Souray any favors for what really equates to pocket change for Katz I think they have another thing coming.

I think Katz has given the OK to make a point. And I think that is what the Oilers are doing... But I could be completely wrong, its just what I gather by the actions and words that have been taken/said so far.

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