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09-30-2010, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by DelusionOIL View Post
Yes I do actually. I am probably crazy, but after what was said about the organization. I think Katz is going to make a point, if someone wants him and is willing to pay full value then fine. But if Souray/Other teams think the Oiler's are going to do them or Souray any favors for what really equates to pocket change for Katz I think they have another thing coming.

I think Katz has given the OK to make a point. And I think that is what the Oilers are doing... But I could be completely wrong, its just what I gather by the actions and words that have been taken/said so far.
Exaclty. If they send him on re entries he eats up 2.7 in cap space and they pay him 2.7. If the goes to OKC it costs no cap space but costs Katz 4.5 mill. To me this is a easy deal for Katz, he will fork over the 1.8 extra mill to A. not eat up cap space. and B. make a point.

Can't see him hitting re entries. The oilers do him a favour and hurt the club by limiting Salery cap space. It is easy to say we don't need cap space, but it this team takes off this year. THen suddenly a super star is on the market next summer. The oilers could use it. THey won't let Souray handcuff them like that.

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