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09-30-2010, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Arpeggio View Post
First, I don't think Gerber looked good last night. And maybe I'm completely off-base, but I didn't really get all the criticism for JDD's game. The first goal bounced off Reddox, and the second was a man alone in front. He made some nice saves too. And I don't think DD's looked all that bad either.
One is saying he should have had the first goal, but before that he looked really shaky on a shoot in and wasn't great on the 2nd goal, for a guy that's always down, you think he would have covered the net better.

Gerber was a bit scrambly in parts, but he was sort of thrown into the fire, gets right in and the Oilers have a couple of major break downs, and he kept the puck out with the help of Smid of course. I'm not saying he was outstanding, but solid he was imo.

Basically it boils down to I guess me not seeing the same things other fans are seeing in our goalies. And I don't think you can put Gerber ahead of either youngster based on 60 minutes of preseason hockey, 30 of which he didn't look all that great.
Part of the thing is he put in his time against decent opposition, especially in Van, and he's more of known commodity. He's played in the NHL before, with success, and he seemed to show that. He knew he was likely headed to the minors, and still played very well.

I mean, do you just throw out last season? JDD played well last year, and Dubnyk was solid at the end of the year. I think at best the difference between all three of the goalies is negligible, and in that case I go with one of the younger goalies who may have a future with the team.

I could be very, very wrong though.
I'm not arguing that last season wasn't a boondoggle, but you can't throw it out. If JDD or DD were losing all the time with Sv% of .915 or better, then fine I can accept that. If they are getting 35+ shots a night and losing 2-1, 3-1, 3-2, that's acceptable because that really shows the team sucking balls. But that wasn't the case.

They both have shown flashes, but I'm not confident in either as the future going forward.

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