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09-30-2010, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
I agree, if they stick him on reentry and he gets claimed the oilers save cash and cap space, another team gets the player and Souray gets to play. My beef was with the statements that we should smile, pay him his salary, stick it to him and let him sit. A classic example of short term gain/fun or long term pain. Much like the other examples of the oilers flying off the handle to our general detriment.
Sadly i would have to agree as well. I seriously think it's the only way both parties can mostly get what they want out of this stinky situation and move on.

Imagine however if you will ( queue Twillight Zone music ) Souray kept his mouth shut, bided his time, saw the changes happening and was happy(er) - ended up captain of a young rejuvinated team that showed amazing promise. Sigh...what could have been. Ego's can really have a way of biting people in the ass.

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