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Originally Posted by harakiri View Post
So when he does something good its luck??

But when its bad its because he is a retarded..

Makes no sense. It seems like its hard for people around here to give him any type of credit to go along with the bad. He went out and spent on defense this off-season. People cried about it. Yes some people have a right to because he did overpay.

I agree with those people. But we needed to sure up that back end. Do people realize how lucky we got with the health on the defense? If we had major injuries back there that cup run wouldn't of been possible. Homer made sure this year that doesn't happen.

I just think people are following the lame bandwagon trend around here to hate on a guy. That is all it is. We can talk about the mistakes he made all day and most i will agree with. Especially his handling of the cap but when we talk about the good its all luck which is a lame debate.
I didn't say when things work out, it's luck. But Leino was incredibly lucky. It was a minor transaction for a depth forward that turned into a mindblowing playoffs because they found chemistry. Nobody on earth thought that would happen. That, I call lucky.

What I do not call lucky is his amazing drafting (which he has since foregone because he trades our picks in salary dumps because he mismanages everything). His eye for unsigned talent is also impeccable. I mean, it's because of him that we have Giroux, Richards, Carter, Backlund, Bobrovsky, Holmstrom, etc. The man knows how to find talent without using top-slot picks, and he has been the primary reason that our drafting and scouting have been so well. I would say we're not behind many organizations in the league; in fact, I'd say we're on a very short list of teams that find wonderful talent with later picks (later here meaning bottom of the first round or, obviously, 2nd and later).

He is very, very good at identifying talent. The problem is that he is not good at acquiring that talent without overpaying or overspending. The other problem is that he too often goes out and tries to do everything at once while ignoring longer-term consequences, which puts him in terrible positions where he has to give up extra compensation to fix the cap that he ***** every year.

Yes, we got incredibly lucky in the playoffs and shoring up the defense was a fine idea. But shoring it up by acquiring Meszaros at $4m AND the combined hit of 2.7 for O'Donnell AND Walker? That's overkill, and given our circumstances, a bad oversight.

Holmgren has pulled off some very, very shrewd moves. Coburn for Zhitnik and the great Forsberg trade sequence have to be some of the better deals I've seen from this club in a while. But for every good one (most of which happened a while ago now), there are 3 dumb moves that mess everything up.

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