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09-30-2010, 05:06 PM
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At outdoor hockey, or even street hockey, I usually just put on a pair of soccer shinpads under my jeans before I left. Not just for protections from pucks, but from accidental slashes too. Aside from that, I'd wear the usual hockey gloves and skates, and pick up my stick and some pucks. I prefer to just wear a toque or baseball hat, but if I'm going to an outdoor rink I'm not familiar with I'll also bring my helmet just in case. It's becoming more and more common that the outdoor rinks are requiring you to wear helmets, and the volunteers who run the rink make sure you follow the rules.

At an indoor rink, I'll always wear full gear. There's an etiquette at outdoor rinks (at least where I am) where you don't raise the puck or take hard shots when there's even the slightest chance it could hit someone. That etiquette goes all out the window at indoor rinks, so you better gear up.

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