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Originally Posted by dpixel8 View Post
I should have clarified more. This is more of a open skate type of thing. I'll have the rink completely to myself. So basically just want something to cover my tailbone and possibly my knees. Suppose I could get some cheap shin and elbow pads, but what about padding for my ass?
Wow, finally an easy one! This is every simple...full gear! Why? Practice like you play and play like you practice. If you use minimal gear, then you will train for that, and you don't use minimal gear for a game.

This is why I tell my players that when they go outside to shoot pucks, they stand on something that is about 1-1/2 inch floor, that is higher then the puck is. Why? That's the height of your skates. Practice like you play. This way when it comes time for game action, you will not have to reajust your shot everythime you step on the ice! I know this sounds crazy, but you would step on the ice without your skates...right? Same for the rest of the gear. You have to get use to playing with it even if you have been playing for 12 years.

Just food for thought!
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