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Originally Posted by PuckHogs29 View Post
If you write a ton of letters to the Tacoma PD telling them they need to hire me we can kill two birds with one stone. I get a job and you get a hockey coach!
That's quite a move from NJ! Try the Renton PD, it's closer to my rink!

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I did play drop in last year where I was chatting with someone and looked over and BAM nude woman. That was different
I still get that same reaction just using the locker room at my gym. We're always so used to seeing people in clothes, we forget they exist in naked form.

I was on the ice for like 3 hours today. I am spent. It definitely is funner with a stick and a puck, and it's amazing how much easier transitions seem to be when you don't think about them. I need to work on my balance when swinging my stick hard though! lol! I threw a bunch of cones out on the rink, and spent the whole time zipping around them and then taking a shot at the end, then I would skate backwards around the cones. Rinse and repeat. I was definitely better by the end of it, though tired.

There were a few hockey players at the public skate on the main rink, I think the seattle league is starting up here soon, so they're all out getting their legs back. I think a couple of them might have been puzzled at why some chick was playing hockey on the little rink when it wasn't stick and puck time. I chatted with one guy who was a beginner, and it was nice to be able to commiserate with someone.

My pants came in the mail while I was gone - And they fit! Now I need to put on all my stuff and check myself out in the mirror. Technically, I can now participate in the beginner pick-up game, but I still need to get my nerve up for that. I feel a *little* more confident after today, though.

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