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04-30-2005, 03:02 PM
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After Watching or Following Leafs vs Moose

Do we really have any can't miss prospects in our system, after watching how one sided this series was can we still project guys like Carlo and Wellwood as can't miss prospects. Do we have any players in Junior, College, Europe, ect that can play for the Marlies and project them to be future Leafs. I think your going to find the scouting staff put together by Quinn has left us sorely lacking for the future, Ferguson has done some what better but his short sighted trade for Leetch has put our rebuilding schedule back at least a couple of years. I could be wrong but in the new CBA if they don't lower the URFA's to 28 from 31 it going to be very difficult to build a winner with a cap in a short period of time, as it is we will have to bite the bullet for a year to get rid of Sundin, Belfour, and Nolan's contracts you can't have that much money in three players and build quality depth, especially when you have no blue chip prospects in the system.

I was high on Carlo but with all the injuries he's had he just hasn't progressed and his size well never make him an effective D-Man in his own zone, he'll have to get to the next level with his skating and puck handling, Wellwood is a time and space player if you take it away he's not and NHL player. Steen has shown by his offensive numbers in Sweden that he's a 3rd or 4th line checker at best or he's being held back by the Swedish system, or we have another Cereda on our hands. Perhaps most of you see it differently if so, show me what I'm missing.

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