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09-30-2010, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Well, I'd be a bit leery. I like Henry fine, for what he does, just not sure that we'd be the right team for him at the moment. When he doesn't have to move much, he's fine, and he's a tough customer in front of the net. But we've also got Subban as a gambler, we've got Spacek looking like a turnstile, and Gill is kind of like Henry in that when he's facing the right way in the right situations he's fine, but guys can blow by him. O'Byrne is mobile in theory, but I don't see it translating a lot in the games. We'd have some challenges on the back end with Henry added to the group. Maybe challenges are inevitable with Markov and Hamrlik out. But I wouldn't automatically discount Weber or Picard from the running in comparison with Henry. It's probably worth watching the waiver wire a bit though too. There may be temporary options available. But Hamrlik isn't out long is he?

Also, the idea of keeping Henry around through camp may be more just for the higher level of rambunctiousness you see in pre-season games vs. regular season games.
I agree with that. I also agree that they could probably use a different type of d-man to balance out the core.

The last time I heard about hammer, which seems like eons ago, he wasn't supposed to miss any regular season time. Even if he's ready for october 7th, I wouldn't be surprised if martin keeps him out until he gets a couple good practices in.

Henry has little to no chance to stick even for one or two games under the current scenario.

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