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10-01-2010, 01:31 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
My take on it is this.

Lilja will be signed. He's better than Wallin or Huskins, and will probably come near league minimum.

Moore has been solid, but needs more NHL time to get a real determination. DW needs to give ONE of the kids a chance, and I think it's going to be Moore, at least short term.

Joslin we've barely seen, and is on very thin ice. I think the org wants to see how he responds in the AHL before they give him anymore NHl time.

Wallin is injured. We can hope fairly long term. If not, he's a problem because he can't be moved. He only has a NTC though (not NMC) so he could be waived (DO IT)

Huskins is expendable but the only real possibility I see at this point is waiving him, which seems somewhat unlikely since he'd be prone to re-entry waivers (which the org probably wouldn't risk).

There is also still Schaus, what's his status anyway? Did he get sent down? Either way, he's an option, he looked pretty good all camp.

Sharks are in a pickle because what they should ice is:

Boyle - Murray
Vlasic - Demers
Lilja - Moore

(leaving them around 4m in cap space)

But instead they'll ice:

Boyle - Murray
Vlasic - Demers
Wallin - Huskins

(leaving them 1m in cap space)

If the Sharks waived Huskins and Wallin, signed Lilja to league minimum, it would leave them enough cap space to bring that top-4 without having to move anyone. Even Souray (on re-entry) would fit.

Frustrating, Wallin is really screwing this team over.

Moore, would have to clear waivers to be sent down, and he is too good to be put on waivers. As to Lilja he is not any better then Huskins or Wallin, he is just as bad as both of them.

Moore is better then Lilja, and he is younger and has more upside. Schas was sent down or waived about a week ago.

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