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10-01-2010, 03:01 AM
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Originally Posted by hillbillypriest View Post
How are the Oilers keeping him in limbo? They've made him available to the entire NHL at no cost - twice. I'm sure that if Souray wanted to terminate his contract to make things happen, the Oilers won't stand in his way. If he'd rather collect his money, he can do that too, but the Oilers have no obligation to waive him and recall him to enable him to play in the NHL and still collect his salary.
They're keeping him in limbo by not assigning him to a place to play. In order for Souray to even attempt to terminate his contract, they'd have to assign him to the farm. If they don't even do that, they're not even giving him that option.

Like I said, whether the PA could actually accomplish something in this situation is a different story. However, they're not going to just let Souray sit at home and do nothing if he wants to play. They can file a grievance for damn near anything they feel's just whether an arbiter would agree with them that's another story.

Saying the team isn't obligated to play him somewhere is like saying the player isn't obligated to play for the team. Both sides signed the contract. Both sides are obligated in some form to live up to certain duties and paying him isn't the entire thing either. There's more to it than that if they want to push it. I doubt they do for now.

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