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Originally Posted by SgtJoseph View Post
Oh please ! Grow up frat boy, you have zero knowledge about my hockey intelligence, my hockey back ground, or what all countries i watched and played hockey in over the years.....Yes, i have not watched BOB play any preseason games yet due to my now living in Florida, and believe it or not YES i feel that i was able to see very quickly from the video feeds i watched of the KHL that BOB has got the right stuff that deserves a very thorough good look at....What in the heck is so awful about that ? It seems that from what i have been reading that perhaps my instincts may be correct about this CATS abilities.For example, one KHL clip i watched of him showed his incredible lateral movement, and quite frankly it JUMPED off the screen at me, i also really liked the way he tracked the puck etc.Perhaps you are some expert that is the only person allowed to voice his or her thoughts on this forum ? FERGETABOUTIT !I am 52 years old by the way, and been a flyers fan since 1967 bro !
I think he was merely attempting to point out, that like many other posters, your odd way of expressing your opinions (terrible sentence structure, unintelligent vocabulary choices, etc.) makes people discredit those opinions.

It is akin to walking into a bar and seeing the trashiest girl you have ever seen in your life, sure she may be hot, sure she may be a really nice person with a great moral fabric, but damn... she sure looks like she has a Petri dish between her legs.

Perhaps you should proofread what you write sometimes, take out the 'cats' and 'bros' (in non-sarcastic intonations), break up your paragraphs a bit, etc.

Or don't, I really could care less, just trying to offer advice.

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