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Originally Posted by mypunkrock View Post
We've fought opposing players, we've warred with the Soviets, we've foughts bats, and fog. We've fought concussions, and groins, and hips.

We've fought one another.

We've had The Animal, Moose, Big Bird, Carbomb, Boom Boom, etc. Our captains are notorious for being some of the toughest SoB's in the league. We'll boo anyone, including mothers, children, vice presidential candidates, old people, etc.

We aren't worried what languages our players speak, where they are from; all that matters is that they play the game with reckless abandon, all in the pursuit of Lord Stanley's Cup, for the crest on the front.

I defy any other team to best our claim to the craziest fanbase in the NHL>
That is a great summation of our team/fanbase; however, we don't light **** on fire, riot, vandalize, steal, etc. our city after a ****ing playoff series win.

The team's fan base who does that certainly takes the true mantle of "craziest" in my eyes.

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