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10-01-2010, 09:53 AM
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Dan Girardi ~ setting the record straight ~

So I have a few infractions and cant look up past threads to continue a discusion I know we've had before. So I figured I'd start this topic for those that were away for the summer and still have no clue as to what Girardi is all about.

I have a little pet peeve going here and it pertains to the undervaluing of Dan Girardi some in Rangerland seem to have for him. Granted he messed up on the Gaborik fight last season but as he said, he was worried and confused about getting in trouble with Tort's becasue at the time the team had been lectured about the rash of recent stupid penalties costing them games. Late in the season he made up for it in the 2 game final set vs. Philly. It's water under the bridge now.

The point I want to bring home is that of Girardi being somehow replaceable outside of getting a top pairing Dman in return through trade. I keep seeing proposals where Girardi is a throw in with little to no value outside of cap filler to facillitate the trade.

Once and for all, I want NYR fans reading this to see the hard numbers of what Girardi brings to the table, and the fact that his salary is pretty decent cap wise and league wise.

Dan Girardi, as compared to other Dmen #'s from the 2009-10 season.

6g, 18a.: Not bad totals, on par with all but the elite top4 Dmen.

-2.: Pretty respectable considering the aniemic scoring output last season.

53 penalty minutes: pretty low for a Dman & very low considering his hits total.

178 hits: makes him 14th in the league as a Dman.

180 blocked shots: Puts him as 6th overall in the league for Dmen.

Lets look at the last few stats, as they are the most important in determining a Dmans worth, well, as a defensman.

Having 180 blocks, and making 178 hits tells me two things, he can play the body without taking penalties (53pim), and he knows when to take the body and when to play the puck, a valuable mental tool in a top defensmens arrsenal. Now couple that with the -2 rating he had playing on an inept scoring team and playing parts of the early season with Redden and now your painting a picture of a Dman that is a little more consistant then most here give him credit for. Then you add the offensive numbers on top and that makes for a solid, and I mean solid 3-4 defenseman on a Cup caliber team, Or in our case, and frankly we are not alone league wide, a legitamate top pair Dman depending on your philosophy of 2 defensive defensmen or 1/1 defensive/offensive defensmen.

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