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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
To call it luck, you'd have to have access to the Flyers' scouting reports, which they no doubt have on every player in the league. I'm sure their Finnish scouts had been looking at him, as with other overage players over their who might become available. And he did lead the league in scoring so it wasn't like he was an unknown.

Homer said at the time of the trade something like, 'we've had our eye on him for awhile and when he became available we made sure to acquire him.'

No one can predict he would've broke Propp's rookie scoring record, but he was a guy with proven record, who was older, and who had played well in Detroit.

That Leino was a talented offensive player at the NHL level was known. Detroit only dealt him (out of the West for that matter) because they had no cap room and a full roster with Franzen coming back.

Sometimes you have to do these things, to keep kids like Helm or Abdelkader in your org.
Yeah, we all know why Detroit had to do it, but please. Leino had some offensive talent, this was known. But he had done literally nothing at the NHL level to suggest he would go on the tear that he did in the playoffs. The Leino trade was a fine move, but the dividends it played were completely unexpected, and therefore lucky.

Besides, that's not the only thing that he lucked out with. A waiver wire goaltender saved our season, according to some around here. That's also lucky.

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