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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I'll go with "best value" over lowest price. Usually it's one or two models down from the top. And IMO it's not worth buying cheap new gear for the sake of buying cheap new gear.

Helmet - DON'T SKIMP, but fit is far more important than fancy features IMO
- Bauer 5100, CCM V08, Easton S9, avg $65

Skates - DON'T SKIMP, go with the second from the top models as they have most of the technology but at half the price
- Bauer X40, Bauer One70, Reebok 8k, CCM U+09, Easton S12, avg $300

Gloves - DON'T SKIMP, cheap gloves = broken and bruised fingers and dislocated thumbs
- Bauer 4-Roll, CCM 4-Roll, TPS R8, avg $90

Pants - used or clearance are best, but decent new ones:
- Bauer One55, CCM Fit07, Reebok 7k, avg $72

Shoulders - if you're a forward, you can get away with:
- Sherwood 5030, Bauer Classics, avg $30
If you block shots or need extra protection:
- RBK 4k, Easton ST6, CCM Fit07, avg $62

Elbows - a little more goes a long way:
- CCM Fit07, Easton ST16, Bauer One55, Reebok 6k, avg $40

Shins - spend a bit more the low end ones aren't great:
- CCM Fit09, Bauer One75, Reebok 6k, avg $65

Sticks - if you want serious durability, go with a 2-piece made for durability:
- Harrow 300, Bauer One95, Easton ST, avg $150
If you want great performance, go with the second from high end models:
- Reebok 8k, Vapor X:50, Easton EQ40, avg $150
Clearance models and pro stocks are the best for high end performance at lower prices...or if you're really broke go with a standard taper shaft off Craiglist and a wood blade, usually runs about $60 or less.
I disagree about gloves and shin guards, you can find low end gloves and shins that are both comfortable and protective.

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